Brooklin House


This semi-detached house is located in a narrow site (5x30m/16x98ft) and was totally refurbished, although preserving its volume and original characteristics. When purchasing the property, the owners – a young couple without kids – got captivated by its simple and laid-back atmosphere, but wanted to renovate the spaces and expand garden areas.

The project inverts the logic of the previous occupation. Laundry room was brought to the front of the house, giving space to the living area and kitchen in the back. Theses spaces are connected by a garden and a passageway which, on the second floor, gives access to the master bedroom.

The yellow roofing sheets appear as a featured element: they pop out from the front façade, and accommodate the laundry patio. The yellow surfaces guide the user to the main entrance of the house; this direction is strengthened by the wooden deck that covers the entire extent correspondent to the legal side setback.

The openings were redrawn and replaced in a way to create a new rhythm throughout the (only) side façade, favouring the sunlight in. Exuberant tropical landscaping gives a vivid atmosphere to the house.

Location: São Paulo/SP, Brazil
Project year: 2014
Construction year: 2014/2015
Area: 175m²
Photos: Luís Gomes

Belo Horizonte - MG

Avenida Brasil, 108 - Santa Efigênia

CEP 30140-001 Belo Horizonte - MG

+55 31 3262 1003

São Paulo - SP

Rua Major Sertório, 92 - 7º andar

Centro CEP 01222-000

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