Located in Trancoso, Bahia, one of the most charming beaches of Brazil, the clients requested an extensive program, with clear premises: typical Brazilian architecture, built by local methods and with local material.  In addition, the project should accommodate a large social area and six en suites, which guided the site occupation in an organically scattered way, relying on fluidity to create spaces and voids. Therefore, the project was designed as a single floor modular house, enabling it to be built in stages.

The central axis is a stone-paved walkway that guides users and connects the different volumes that make up the house, creating a well-defined path along the entire site length. The services volume takes part in delimiting the frontal facade and welcomes the pedestrians with a beautiful earthy colour, as well as hides the cars parked in the garage. The walkway passes through the generous social volume and continues towards the private bedrooms area; there, it turns into a veranda facing the sunrise, opened to the large central garden of the house, and ends by the limit of the site, facing the native forest.

Stone finishings, wooden lattices to filter sunlight, unlined roof made of (local wooden shingles), accent colours, wall textures, gardens and flowery pergola, these are all sensorial elements that make the project truly Brazilian and cozy. It’s simplicity aligned to sophistication.

Location: Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
Project year: 2017
Construction year:
Site area: 1.600m²
Construction area: 450m²
Images: Nando Peres

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