Rosário Square


The site destined for the Rosário Square has around 700m² of steep topography, overcoming almost 7 meters in height. Gema’s proposal establishes 5 plateaus in different levels, conforming a route that minimizes the terrain’s sloped shape as well as its visual perception. These different levels are connected through stairs and ramps, creating a tracing that articulates and induces uses and paths. The design’s textures and geometry emerge from the use of low-cost components – such as concrete pavers and solid brick – as well as from elements that guide the space occupation: trees, grass, tables and benches.

Client: Prefeitura Municipal de Serranos
Location: Serranos/MG, Brazil.
Project year: 2014
Construction year: in progress
Area: 730m²
Images: Nando Peres

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