The briefing was to create an office design with youthful identity, few walls and no hierarchies, such as privileged corners or enclosed rooms. Nothing more appropriated to host the Brazilian branch of MetrixLab, a global research agency with headquarters both in Rotterdam and Tokyo, specialized in digital marketing solutions.

The interventions should involve simplicity, easy execution and low cost. The structure of the mezzanine remained from the original design, but one small change shifted the aura of the office: the spiral staircase was replaced by linear metallic stairs, which organized the first floor in a better way and at the same time created a landing area to access the meeting room on the upper floor. The wall alongside the stairs got evidenced, and for such reason it received an artistic intervention with graffiti, which eventually became the office’s focal point.

The workstations were positioned on the double-heighted great hall, and extend to a small lounge for informal meetings and leisure. A freezer-like yellow strip curtain and wheat-paste posters cheer and warm up this space. Simple custom-made furniture discretely follows the horizontality of the windows, pervaded by plants when possible.

The project resorts in creating a casual and cosy space, aligned with the proposal of where it is located at: Vila Madalena, a neighbourhood known for being a bohemian cultural and arts spot in São Paulo.

Location: São Paulo/SP, Brazil.
Project year: 2015
Construction year: 2016
Area: 100m²
Structural consultant: Pentágono Engenharia
Acoustic project: Mob Acústica
Graffiti: Marcelo Zuffo
Photos: Rafaela Netto

Belo Horizonte - MG

Avenida Brasil, 108 - Santa Efigênia

CEP 30140-001 Belo Horizonte - MG

+55 31 3262 1003

São Paulo - SP

Rua Major Sertório, 92 - 7º andar

Centro CEP 01222-000

+55 11 3129 9025